Landscape and Documentary photographer

Freelancer photographer based in Portugal, I am an active and energetic who wants to learn, improve his skills and get involved in hard tasks which provide me, always, new motivations.

I have always been fascinated by Nature and through the field realated to envinromental studies attended during my years of University, I realized that Nature Conservation will accompanied me for my entire Life. It is our duty to undertake actions in order to preserve this planet, not matter at what cost, as the only living being capable of understanding such problems we should have more principles to protect the only thing we need to really survive, this Planet.

Along my Life I had opportunity to live and meet different cultural diversities. This certainly helped me also to see culture and understanding part of their habits and customs that at the same way of Nature must be preserved as symbol of each Nation instead to be subjected by the power of economic growth. In a certain way I see Nature and cultural conservation as a way to open the eyes on the World's beauties we have, and that the Times were are living, are generting a sterile society in each direction, being uncapable of feel, act and observe. The industrialized societies today are too much focused on many material aspects of our lives, that have forget one simple thing...

We depend on Nature to survive and on diversities (cultural, ethnicity, gender) to thrive. We cannot act and forget one thing or another.

I hope that through my shots you can appreciate the way I represent Nature in itself with no human presence, as to show that it is already perfect as it is, and our duty is being capable of keep it like (or better) this for the days to come. Also Street-moments, portraits and other small glimpse of different societies accompanied my gallery, and they should be considered as equally important to understand these diversities with different eyes, to not judge or blame but rather to accept and enjoy it together.

My best welcome to my website. 



My works and publications:


- "Nightlife" Exhibition press "New Moment Gallery" - Belgrade (Serbia) - May 2018

- Exhibition upon Climate Change - PHENOMENA - from 2019 to 2021 - Municipalities of Alentejo and Coimbra (Portugal)

- "Landscape and Portrait" Exhibition -  Palazzo Ca' Zanardi - Venice (Italy), June 2019