Landscape and street-life photographer

Freelancer photographer based in Lisbon, active and energetic who wants to learn, improve his skills and get involved in hard tasks which provide me, always, new motivations.

Always fascinated by Nature in all its facets, and my willingness to move abroad in many times unlocked what now I call “travelling sensitiveness”. Exploring wild places, or coming across people in the places where I lived brought me to have many thoughtful moments.


The reason behind my addiction to landscapes and street photography comes probably from both, my personality and the feelings involved in my Life experiences. In the first case, I see a way to escape from normal everyday life with solo adventure and enjoy the waiting for a cold and feeble sunrise with its wonderful tones, or a warm and strong sunset which gives you the last embrace before the night. In the same way, I love to walk among local people and catch moments to keep with me. Meet their eyes, start a conversation, break the ice and obtain a portrait and part of their Life… It sounds like steal a piece of culture from country to country and bring it with you alike undated memories.

All these feelings become even more intense as much time you spend time with locals. Unknown people but a good sensation that every time comes up.

Interaction with the subjects lead often to a conversation, sometimes funny, other times sad or deep... but the most important is that all of them leave something inside... Something not easily describable by words but something that a picture is able to commemorate.

Every shot hides a vibrant emotion and I always look for the right moment to get that! A SMALL, UNIQUE INSTANT that marks the Life of a subject, and my work is pass just each of these emotions to you.



My works and publications:

- "Nightlife" Exhibition press "New Moment Gallery" - Belgrade (Serbia) - May 2018

- "Landscape and Portrait" Exhibition -  Palazzo Ca' Zanardi - Venice (Italy), June 2019

- Exhibition upon Climate Change - PHENOMENA - Scheduled from December 2019 in all Municipalities of Alentejo (Portugal)

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Alex Righetti | Nature Conservation & Street-life Photography