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I define myself as self-taught passionate photographer who loves Nature as a whole but I never refuse to spend time with local people, understanding cultures diversity,  and finding out typical daily life moments to frame. It was after the age of eighteen that I started to look into photography in a deeper way, not only to collect memories but as a witness of this generation as well, documenting Nature and Humanity.




My passion for Nature and Landscapes came from my studies on environmental science pursued at the University, but what makes me really feel the essence of photography is my thirst for Adventure, Exploring new places and bring them to You.


My Philosophy... Enjoying Nature and learn from It

We have so much to still learn about Nature and Ecology that it is extremely arrogant for Mankind thinking that we are at the center of everything. Reconnecting with Nature is not an option but a MUST, if We are intended to endure here as a species.


My hope would be to establish an intimate link between me through the lens, Nature and You… and to show how many interesting aspects and details we can enjoy of it.

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