If interested contact me using the apposite form asking for the specific image you like.

All images on this website are available for high quality prints. However, due to the variations in available high, image size/resolution, and aspect ratios, I like to work directly with your request in order to choosing the right options for each print, on a per-image basis. Every print will be supervised prior to shipping in order to assess any imperfections.

The package includes the Fine-Art print (all prints are a limited edition), two holographic seals, one applied on the back of the print and the second in the watermarked document that attest the authenticity of the paper used and finally, on request, a Fine-Art folder with an embossed logo for a refined gift to someone (see images below). The Fine-Art folder is not available in the format 90 x 60 cm (36 "x 24" in). 

Prints are securely packed to be safe during shipping. They can be delivered in all Europe in 3 weeks.

The size of the prints are referred to the images, which occupy all the paper, nevertheless this requires particular attention to the corners to avoid being ruined so, on request, I will reduce the image to include 2 or 4 cm of white borders in each side if needed, keep in mind that not all the images are thought to be printed in maximum size, so for the 90 x 60 cm (36" x 24" in) contact me previously for confirm the availability of such print you are interested in.

Shipping costs are already included in the list below.

Print costs

Fine-Art folder has an additional cost of 10€. No folder availability for 90 x 60cm prints. 

Understanding the concept behind a Fine-Art

These are Fine-Art prints on Hahnemühle paper support.

All the papers used are strictly acid-free passing the most strict quality control during the paper production process, and they are thought to remain intact for a long lasting time, usually more than one century. It is important to understand that a Fine-Art embraces more an artistic value rather than only photographic one, when you buy a Fine-Art piece you are having the privilege to have a limited edition copy with certified paper to enjoy, which will fully enrich your ambient with a touch of elegance and quality.


Below a brief explanation of the two types of support used and my personal suggestions on their related use.


- Hahnemühle Photo Rag® 308gsm, 100% cotton, bright white

Matte finish, perfect for natural and pastel-color landscapes due to its great capability to smooth out the contrast retaining details with exceptional sharpness. The contrast of the image is flattened and the dark tones acquire great depth giving to the image a sort of evanescent/epic mood.

Personally, it is my favourite paper for prints that goes on the wall. Its veiled tones do not disturb too much and they merge very well with the surrounding envinroment.

- Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta 325gsm, 100 % α-cellulose, high-gloss finish

Gloss finish in a very high-grade paper, it returns a bright white surface. Special for B/W images, it keeps the pure white and black tones.

The color images results vibrant and clear, calling immediately the attention. The contrast are high and sharp, I tend to suggest this paper for portraits or black and white street-photo, on which in my opinion it return the best results.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -    Shipping Information and Delivery Time   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

No shipping cost will be charged to the price displayed.


It is not allowed any change or update of shipping address after an order is placed successfully (especially after an order is dispatched) for the protection of both parties against the possibility of a lost parcel. In case you have ordered using an erroneous shipping address, you are recommended to contact me directly at my email ( as soon as possible to have the order hold, cancelled and refunded. In cases where the courier has not delivered the parcel to you 30 days after dispatch according to their tracking page, it will issue a full refund.


The delivery time is about 3 weeks and the printing orders shall be sent until Thursday 2.00 pm of every week. All the orders placed from Thursday (after 2.00 pm) to Sunday will be issued on the following week.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -    Return and Refund   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Print can be send back with no added costs in case of color imperfections, unsolicited marks or other irregularities. A further print will be made and send you as soon as such issues will be confirmed.


Nevertheless, the customers are advised to follow these steps:

- Specifying the irregularities by an  e-mail.

- Sending pictures about the problem (possibly in good quality) as proof for the detected imperfections.

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