The images below are a fine selection of my best shots that best fit the idea of a Fine-Art print to be hung on your wall. I find photography be more complete in this way rather than keeping just the digital file in my computer. I think in this Era where sharing images on social and website is the normal routine having still something to touch, to observe and to admire at home that will last it is always more appreciated.

The sizes of the print are referred to the standard paper size, the image will be roughly 2-4 cm of smaller (depending on the paper size) to facilitate the positioning of the passpartout and successive framing.

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Below a brief explanation of the two types of support used and my personal suggestions on their related use.


- Hahnemühle Photo Rag® 308gsm, 100% cotton, bright white

Matte finish, perfect for natural and pastel-color landscapes due to its great capability to smooth out the contrast retaining details with exceptional sharpness. The contrast of the image is flattened and the dark tones acquire great depth giving to the image a sort of evanescent/epic mood.

Personally, it is my favourite paper for prints that goes on the wall. Its veiled tones do not disturb too much and they merge very well with the surrounding envinroment.

- Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta 325gsm, 100 % α-cellulose, high-gloss finish

Gloss finish in a very high-grade paper, it returns a bright white surface. Special for B/W images, it keeps the pure white and black tones.

The color images results vibrant and clear, calling immediately the attention. The contrast are high and sharp, I tend to suggest this paper for portraits or black and white street-photo, on which in my opinion it return the best results.

Shipping Information and Delivery Time

No shipping cost will be charged to the price displayed.


In case you have ordered using an erroneous shipping address, you are recommended to contact me directly at my email ( as soon as possible to have the order hold, cancelled and refunded. In cases where the Express Courier has not delivered the parcel to you within 30 days after dispatch according to its tracking page, it will issued a full refund.

Return and Refund for imperfection

The Print can be send back with no added costs in case of color imperfections, unsolicited marks or other irregularities. A further print will be made and sent to you as soon as such issues will be confirmed.


Nevertheless, the customers are advised to follow these steps:

- Specifying the irregularities by an  e-mail.

- Sending pictures about the problem (possibly in good quality) as proof for the detected imperfections.