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Winter Awakening (Special Edition)

This image was captured almost in my backyeard (I might say), on the hills of Marche region (Italy).

I spent an entire morning trying to capture the beauty of this tree lit by the dim light of a Winter sunrise, and I have to be honest, this final shot was totally unexpected. I had my camera set and this huge flock of birds rised from the background trees giving me this great and unique shot that most represent Nature in its essence.


This is actually the reason of this more value added to this Fine-Art prints. In fact right due to that unicity, not reproducible in any sort of way, allows me to be confident that my customer will have an exclusive edition only printed in vey few copies.


The lovely pastel colors accompanied by a bit of luck (always good to have in photography) are the main reason of the success of this photo.

Winter Awakening (Special Edition)

80,00 €Price
  • It is not allowed any change or update of shipping address after an order is placed successfully (especially after an order is dispatched) for the protection of both parties against the possibility of a lost parcel. In cases where the courier has not delivered the parcel within 30 days after the dispatch it will be issued a full Refund.



    The Print can be sent back with no added costs in case of colour imperfections, unsolicited marks, or other irregularities. A second Print will be made and send you as soon as such issues will be confirmed.

    Nonetheless, the customers are advised to follow these steps within 7 days from the receiving print to speed up the procedure:

    - Send me an E-mail with object "PRINT ISSUE" directly at:

    - Specifying the irregularities in the E-mail.

    - Attach pictures about the problem as proof for the aforementioned return/refund request.

  • No shipping cost will be charged to the price displayed.

    In case you have ordered using an erroneous shipping address, you are recommended to contact me directly at:, as soon as possible to have the order Hold, Cancelled and Refunded.

    The delivery time is about 2-3 weeks and the printing orders shall be sent until Thursday 2.00pm of every week. All the orders placed from Thursday (after 2.00pm) to Sunday will be issued on the following week.

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