The Dark-Side of Azores

I went to the Azores in hope to find amazing colorful sunset and sunrise to frame. I prepared everything, tent, photography-gear, filter, and maps of the São Miguel Island. Once there I found a completely different scenario than I expected. The series of shots of this not-plan project represents a re-adaptation to those blue conditions I found most of the times when start hiking in the path among the mountains. Most of the shots were taken in the early morning right before the sunrise.

Fisherman's tale

It was a couple of years since I heard talk about the “Stilts of Carrasqueira”, a nice and typical place localized nearby the small town of Moitinha at the South of Lisbon.

Inside the mouth of the Sado river this village, mainly habited by fishermen, it still keeps its traditions in a way that seems to be in the ’50s yet. In somehow the Time has stopped here; all the technology and equipment used by the modern fishing boats such as sonar, automatic winch and fiberglass boats were not present, they are in any other place, but not here. The magic area, where a piece of old Portugal still endure, sees these artisanal wooden stilts on where take seat the fishermen’ boats and their fishing warehouses, used to store everything they need for the fishing trips.

The curious case of Pedra Parideiras (Rock delivering stones)

In central of Portugal, a Legend takes place, according to the story of a Mother stone giving birth to many sons' stones in specific weather conditions. As soon as I heard such story I wanted to know more about it and trough locals I was able to "meet" in person this Stone Family. 

The real case is very rare indeed, only two places in the world have records of this event (Serra de Freita and a region nearby St. Petersburg), which see a granite block undergoing thermal expansion and contraction fracturing itself and freeing the small nodules inside made of biotite, quartz and feldspar, which represent the sons of the great stone.

The story mixes together science curiosity and local beliefs, this small stones indeed, according to the traditions, would increase fertility if placed under a pillow during the night. 

Vida no Bairro

This series of shots depict the nightlife in one of the most crowded places of Lisbon, Bairro Alto.

Usually, all days of the week after midnight, it is common to bump into long queue for a drink inside the bars or walk slowly through the people who stand drinking along the street. As street life photographer I wanted to show such part of the people living in Lisbon that represent the common daily life of both, Summer and Winter time.



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